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Oil and gas opportunities in the Asia Pacific

Scottish Enterprise

These are challenging times for the global oil and gas industry, but Scotland's supply chain companies can still find opportunities in the Asia Pacific.

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02 Jul 2018

Asian oil, gas producers stepping up activity after long lull


Spending has so far been driven mainly by state oil companies such as India’s ONGC, Thailand’s PTTEP and PetroVietnam, which need to produce more oil and gas to ensure their countries’ energy security

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27 Jun 2018

Expecting big things

Recycling Today

Economic forecasters and steelmakers in South and Southeast Asia predict the region will continue to consume more scrap and make more steel.

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06 Jun 2018

Southeast Asian Metal Recycling Market Picking Up As China Clamps Down

Waste Management World

Growing demand from Southeast Asia for ferrous metal exports has been reported by Lancashire-based scrap metal recycling firm Maxilead Metals.

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04 Jun 2018

Global bauxite production to grow: BMI

Indonesia's bauxite production forecasted growth to register an annual average of 24.4% during 2018-2027.

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07 May 2018

Indonesia to lead nickel production: BMI

Throughout the period 2018-2027, BMI sees Indonesia’s nickel industry growing production by 8.1%.

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07 May 2018

Metals and mining mega-trends to 2050

Mining Review Africa

The integration of advanced technology in mining operations will accelerate over the coming years, increasingly becoming a necessity for firms to remain competitive.

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03 May 2018

The industrial robotics market will nearly triple in less than 10 years


By 2025, the market for industrial robots is projected to balloon to $33.8 billion. To put that in perspective, in 2016 the global industrial robot market was valued at $12.3 billion. So in less than 10 years, the market value of industrial robots could nearly triple.

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02 Apr 2018

Teaming humans with robotic AI will remake modern manufacturing


The world is currently in the midst of its 4th Industrial Revolution -- one driven by information and automation. As with previous revolutions, today's technological advancements are threatening to upend established industry and labor practices through overwhelming productivity increases.

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02 Apr 2018

3 Advances Changing the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing


Today’s factories are easy to envision as futuristic-seeming hives of automation, where industrial robots mimic the movements and, seemingly, the intentionality of human workers.

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27 Mar 2018