Visitor Target Groups

By Industry
  • Mining, metal, metallurgical industries (iron, steel, magnesium, aluminium and other metal industries)
  • Metal components and products manufacturing
  • Industrial applications (oil and gas, power, petroleum, petrochemical)
  • Manufacturing and processing (machinery, equipment)
  • Material testing and inspection
  • Ship building and marine engineering
  • Automotive, aerospace, logistics and transportation
  • Building and construction
  • Electrical, electronics manufacturing
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Education and vocational institutions (technical colleges, training centres, tertiary institutions, academics, R&D professionals)
  • Government organizations and agencies
  • Industry associations
By Job Function
  • Government officials, senior executives
  • Top corporate management (board members, chief executive officers, directors)
  • Managers and officers (manufacturing, production, plant, operations, sales, purchasing, procurement, marketing and administration, material handling)
  • Engineers and professionals (production and design engineers, engineers (mechanical, electrical and electronic), architects, industrial designers, advisors, consultants, analysts, design and consultancy services)
Target Groups